Established in 1996, this temple located in the heart of Amsterdam, is the place of choice for visitors from all over the globe.
It is the first and largest of the Rokerij coffeeshops and is located near the "Leidse Plein".
It is uniquely decorated in a mix of styles based on Hindu and Nepali artwork.
When walking inside, you will escape from the nonstop pace of Amsterdam and should pay special attention to the mosaic work done on the floors, the fragrant smell of incense and the moody candle lighting.
There are cozy nooks for you to sit and smoke or you can sit at our bar for a large variety of drinks.
Products to smoke can be purchased at the booth near the entrance and any advice will be gladly given when asked for.
The music, a surprising mix of styles guarantees the perfect ambiance to relax and "chill out."
After opening our doors in 1996, we've competed with the other coffeeshops of Amsterdam for the "hightimes cannabiscup".
This is an annual event held each year in November, where people can judge the quality of the coffeeshops and the products they sell.
Come inside and be carried away...